About Events Permission Approval Monitoring System

The main objective of this module is that, During Covid19 period public can easily access the Govt official to get the events approval permission online. Public can apply request online and then he/she track the Approved/ Rejected status online from their place.

Our Amazing beautiful features

Any person can apply to get permission for organizing the events from the public domain.
Event request application will go the Panchayat Secretary account for application verification.
After Panchayat Secretary verification application may approve/reject, If approved then it will go to the Tahsildar approval. If rejected rejected alert with remarks will be sent to the event organizer through SMS/eMail.
After Tahsildar verification application may approve/reject, If approved/rejected, then event organizer will receive a SMS/eMail with approved/rejected certificate.
Quick access to track the status of the request.
Centralized Dashboard to the District / Mandal Level.
MIS reports at various levels.