About File Tracking System

It is centralized file flow based application, which is accessible through internet which is only authenticated through providing login credentials. The application maintains each and every movement or transactions from department to department. It has resulted in very effective monitoring of files as every concerned user or citizen can know the exact file location and the delay if any, in the department. This makes the flow very effective and speedy. The Department people are also answerable for any negligence and delay on their part. Different type of reports-Date wise, File wise, pending wise, department wise, transaction history.

An effective search facility is also provided for the officer to locate their file status through internet, where officer can search his file status through the description of file, Name or Department wise.

Our Amazing beautiful features

Registration of files
Searching editing and merging of  Files through codess.
Receiving & Forwarding of Files
Tracking of Files online using codes
User Friendly Work flow based Interface
Merge and Link of Related Files to easy operation
Easy and Time saving Process by eliminating manual recording Process.

Fully Customizable

Responsive Design

Easy Track

Our Focused on Feature

Reliable and Secure Platform

Work flow-based interface – Provide user-friendly workflow based interface for the registering of files at various levels (entry of files, Inward, Forward, Close, Reopen).

Everything is perfectly orgainized

Maintaining the Transaction History of Files – System maintains the record of remarks of the officers at various levels during the processing of the file for different Departments.

Rapid customer support

Searching, Editing, and Registering of files through barcode for time saving and ease in using application.

Work Flow

Dashboard and Reports