About Tender Management System

Tender Management system is an end-to-end Internet based Electronic Procurement Solution that automates the complete tender cycle and post-contract activities. This product has been designed to suit the needs of any Government/ Government organization with minimal customization. TMS has been architect in such a manner that it supports multiple forms, flexible workflows and can be configured to map any organization structure. It cuts through red tape by empowering suppliers to participate in tenders and monitor the status of their bids online. It supports digital certificates, e-payments and promotes accountability through a robust audit trial and better MIS.

Our Amazing beautiful features

Tenders can be sent out and received electronically via an on-line portal with or without attachments.
Costs are reduced in the preparation and the distribution of the documents and the responses
Previous bids are all kept in one place for reference
Detailed records are kept of times and dates of submissions, win and lose statistics with interrogation facilities
Less time needed searching for the relevant information and statutory forms and attachments